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1206, 2019

Cat6 Ethernet Cables: Ideal for Any Household

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Why would anyone talk about Ethernet cables in 2019? It sounds primitive. But they are widely used and are always improving. Cat6 Ethernet cables are the current standard everywhere. All the evolving Ethernet cables are backwards compatible, so you don’t have to worry about it not working with your device. Cat6 is a great mid-level cable, compared to Cat5 and Cat7. Most households can use Cat5 depending on the requirements. If you are looking to install in-house wiring, a little extra future proofing always helps. Let us take a deeper look into why the Cat6 Ethernet cable is here to stay and all the ways that you can use one.

When the Wi-Fi is Dead

Yes, your Wi-Fi doesn’t always work. The Wi-Fi signal struggles to pass through concrete walls and glass doors. You might have noticed that your house has dead zones, or some areas get a weak signal. That is not at all fun when you are streaming a thriller movie and stream has to buffer mid-scream. You could simply plug in an Ethernet cable right into your TV (yes a lot of them have Ethernet ports) and never have […]

1106, 2019

Welke sector past bij jou?

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De arbeidsmarkt van Nederland is zeer divers met vele beschikbare beroepen. Om de arbeidsmarkt zo divers is is er gekozen om sectoren aan te brengen in de arbeidsmarkt. beroepen zijn ingedeeld in sectoren die bij elkaar passen en horen. De sectoren zijn alsvolgt:

Gezondheidszorg en welzijn

beroepen die in de sector gezondheid en welzijn vallen hebben over het algemeen veel contact met mensen. Het werk dat ze uitvoeren draagt veel verantwoordelijkheid en is vrij zwaar te noemen. Echter vinden de mensen die in deze sector werken dat geen problemen omdat ze geven om de gezondheid en het welzijn van hun medemensen.

Handel en dienstverlening

In deze sector vallen bedrijven die zich voornamelijk bezighouden met de verkoop van goederen en of diensten met een winstoogmerk. Beroepen hierin kunnen uiteen lopen van winkelverkopers tot financiële adviseurs. Het is een zeer grote uitgebreide sector waar veel mensen actief in zijn.


De sector ICT houdt zich vooral bezig met informatiesystemen, telecommunicatie en computers. De meeste beroepen in deze sector hebben te maken met ontwerpen, vernieuwen, behouden, beheren en ontwikkelen van systemen.

Justitie, veiligheid en openbaar bestuur

Onder deze sector vallen over […]

1006, 2019

How to Choose the Correct Audio Cable Splitter for Headphones?

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Audio cable splitters are saviors when more than one people want to see the same movie from a phone or want to listen to the same song. With the advancements in the technological world, there was a high demand for devices that can help people share music with their friends, headphones connected to the same phone or iPod or laptop. This way the audio cable splitters came to existence.

Basic Idea

As the name indicates, it is a small accessory that let you route sounds into different headphones simultaneously. The main aim of this accessory is to route the audio coming from a singular device without sacrificing the sound quality. Also known as dual headphone adapters, they make it easy to connect two or more headphones, speakers, or microphones to a single audio jack.

If you are wondering how is it possible to connect more than one headphone to a 3.5mm cable? Then the audio cable is your answer. And that’s not it. You can even connect 2.5mm audio jack to 3.5mm audio jack using 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable. But […]

706, 2019

How to Connect Multiple Displays to your Computer System?

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In a present scenario, connecting your laptop or desktop with multiple displays is a smart way to make your work easier. This process might look simple. I mean it’s just connecting one thing to another, how hard can it be? Hard enough to make you search all over the internet. It requires the right cables, fine-tuning, proper connections, and much more.

Let’s see how to connect your computer to multiple displays and all the other things you need to consider.

Check The Connections

First and foremost thing to do is to find out the right type of computer monitor cables you need. With the variety of computers, you would have different ports, HDMI, USB Type-C, DVI, and other ports. You need to check the output on the computer and make sure it matches with the input on the monitor. In a scenario where the output does not have a matching input on the monitor, you can get the help of a computer cable adapters to help you convert the output.

“Extend” VS […]


706, 2019

An HDMI Cable: Most Essential Tool for Your TV Setup

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The purpose of technology is to make your life simpler. But if you have gone to buy a new TV or a streaming box in the past couple of years, you know that there is nothing simple about it. If you look at the features and specifications, you will see a lot of phrases, which seem to be self-explanatory but are definitely not.

Let’s attempt to figure out the multiple devices that are available and navigate how to get the most of them, what cables to use, etc.

Display Resolution:

HD Ready [720p (1280×720 pixels)] sounds pretty good until you do some basic research and realize that’s not the same as Full HD [1080p (1920×1080 pixels)]. Then as you go for a much higher resolution than that, you get 4K and 8K displays. 8K is not mainstream yet, so we don’t have to worry about that now.

The “p” that you see here after 720 and 1080 refers to ‘progressive scan’. This, along with the screen refresh rate, decides the potential smoothness of your display. The refresh rate is generally 30 Hertz. Refresh rate means frames per second. This applies to standard, mid-range TV displays.

If you […]

506, 2019

Learn Why NEMA Power Cords are Here to Stay

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Slowly, but not all together steadily, we are progressing towards a wireless world. Batteries, when they are not exploding, or heating your device, seem to be working well enough. But these batteries also need regular charging. And by regular, I mean, once a day. And with the use of electricity, comes the need to talk about power cords.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that there are multiple types of power cords and connectors. This depends on the countries and their standards.

In North America, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or NEMA, is the biggest manufacturer of power cords. They are also the standard in the continent.

There are mainly 2 variations of NEMA power cords: ungrounded and grounded. The ungrounded has two flat blades, while the grounded has one ground pin and two flat blades. Most household appliances use the grounded power cords for their electronics.

Appliances that use the NEMA power cord in the household:

Some appliances have a detachable cord, like a laptop. Whereas appliances like toasters or blenders have the wire connected to the machine.


Most laptops come with NEMA power cords split into two. The NEMA power connector side connects to an […]