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1307, 2020

The Future We Want: One Cable for All

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This article is about the DisplayPort cable. But since DisplayPort is neatly integrated with USB Type C, it is also about that. The latest update in DisplayPort is the DisplayPort Alt mode 2.0. The new standard has interoperability with the USB4 specification by the USB Implementers Forum.

According to VESA, the update in the specs are: the USB-C connector can transmit up to 80 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of DisplayPort video data utilizing all four high-speed lanes in the cable, or up to 40 Gbps with simultaneous SuperSpeed USB data delivery.

USB C has truly become the port to have on all devices and day by day, it keeps getting more powers. When devices start getting the new DisplayPort standard, a specced out USB C port or cable would have Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0, and Power Delivery.

Now that’s the kind of cable we can call ‘one cable for all’. If you were to have devices that supported this specification and the cable, what are the things you could do?

Let’s Explore:

Single Wire Setup:

  • Remember the back of your computer desk a few years ago? You either lived in a mess or […]
807, 2020

The Cables That Power Your Home Office

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I used to be one of those people who thought my average specced laptop was enough for me to occasionally work from home, watch movies, and do certain basic computer things. At work, my setup was more than enough for my tasks. I don’t even have a desk in my house. Since I have not really needed one for years.

As working from home becomes more permanent, everyone I talk to finds themselves wanting a proper home office setup with a desk and filing cabinets and more. If you have previously worked remotely a few days a week, or month, it was very easy to just use the special equipment when you were in office and use a laptop for those few days at home.

But now things are much different. Your home office is the only office you have and will have for a long time now. However, it is even more important to get your work done more efficiently. With economical imbalance, the better work will be rewarded. Or the steady business will remain afloat.

If you live with your family, then you will even have slightly different kinds of distractions at home, as compared to the […]

607, 2020

Home Entertainment and Its Evolutionary Nature

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The way we entertain ourselves has changed, and is continuously changing. We used to listen to the radio, or watch tv. If we wanted to enjoy movies, we used to go to the theatre to watch them. As the entertainment itself changed, the ways of how we consume that content also changed. Internet content became mainstream and was delivered through special services besides cable television to us.

We began by watching those, and the number of these special internet channels grew, providing an abundance of content. The way we used to go to movies in a group, we began to have Netflix parties at home. If a favorite TV show is coming out with a new season, we now arrange watch parties where we gather our friends who also enjoy the same show and watch it together.

This means we changed the devices we consumed our entertainment on as well. From personal computers, and bulky TVs, we now have both elaborate setups and portable ones. Two-in-one computers, tables, and detachable laptops that turn into the tablet form factor to become the portable variants. Huge, high definition TVs with high-end sound systems become the elaborate setup.

Apart from purely watching […]

207, 2020

How a Magento Mobile App Can Help these 5 Industries

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For a business to stay in competition today, an online presence is no longer a second choice. Even after you manage to launch an ecommerce website to take your business online, it doesn’t suffice. In this era of digital technology with around 204bn app downloads worldwide in 2019, a mobile app is the need of the hour.

Out of a number of ecommerce platforms that have grown in popularity over the past few years, Magento is one. And a Magento 2 mobile app can add to the productivity of a Magento store by letting customers access it on the go.

If you too are a Magento store owner and can’t make up your mind for a mobile app, read on to know how a Magento mobile app helps in these 5 industries.




Home Decor


Grocery Industry

Online grocery stores have started gaining traction even more amid the pandemic outbreak. People are trying to avoid buying grocery items from offline stores fearing infection and turning to various online stores that can offer home delivery.

If you own an online grocery store, it is a golden opportunity to enhance the overall shopping experience of customers.

by building a grocery mobile app for your store that has got:

  • Simplified Registration […]
207, 2020

Ethernet Cable: The Unphotographed Secret of A Functional Home

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COVID-19 is changing things. There are revolutionary changes happening in the working landscape. Here, in our very own Silicon Valley, famous for tech companies, things have shifted. Everyone moved to working from home, with barely any signs of going back to the office.

An office brings with it plenty of tools, like computers that your work actually needs, headphones, webcams, if required, camera equipment, video sets, desks, and chairs, tablets, external monitors, and reliable internet. I should also mention the snacks and coffee breaks that come with this package.

Tech companies have great internet connectivity, generally speaking. So, leaving behind those offices has not been comfortable while doing the exact same internet heavy work. Not to mention the added usage of data for video conferencing.

Over the last few weeks, some companies have started issuing orders about working from home through the end of the year or even permanently. This changes quite a lot in terms of looking at the tools people require to work.

At the beginning of the lockdown across the world, people were beginning to set up their workstations at home, thinking about how they needed to create space and set up for a couple of months […]

2306, 2020

Your Guide to USB Adapters and Data Cables

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One of the greatest innovations of the current time is Universal Serial Bus or USB. It allows for data to transfer, store, and access anytime and anywhere. Additionally, USB data cable are highly recommended while transferring or storing data among friends, families, or any other gatherings.

Let’s understand how to use these data cables:

Most of the USB cables connect computer units directly to peripheral devices like mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, and printers/scanners. The main objective of these devices is to transfer data hassle-free, quickly, and effectively from one device to another.

For example, if you want to transfer images from your camera to a computer, all you need to do is connect the one end of the USB data to the camera and another to the computer or laptop.

Just with some simple clicks on the computer and camera, you will easily be able to transfer it. Your computer and camera both will notify you that the data cable is connected. All you need to do is click on OK and in just a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of the data, it will transfer your data.

USB cables are useful to connect a printer/scanner to your computer or laptop if […]