The Right Way to Use Power Strips

//The Right Way to Use Power Strips

The Right Way to Use Power Strips

The Right Way to Use Power Strips

When was the last time you actually checked details on an electronic item and made sure to plug it into the right socket? We are quite cavalier with how we handle our gadgets, using any cable that comes our way, buying cheap replacements for original chargers and data transfer cables.

Certain power plugs come in different sizes, which automatically make them impossible to plug into a standard socket. However, it can get confusing if the plug actually fits the average socket.

One of the most valuable electronic items we have in our house these days is a power strip. It gives us the required sockets to support the ever-expanding collection of gadgets.

They are convenient for two reasons, one being that you can have more sockets in place of one wall socket, and the other being portability.

The portability of such strips also makes it useful outside the house:


If you are traveling (ideally within the country), you can carry a power strip along for quick charges for your phone and laptop, or even your camera. This way, you can always have your devices charged even if your hotel room doesn’t have enough power outlets.

Content Creation:

Writing is not the only form of content creation any more, you need more than paper to get it done. Content creators travel everywhere and work on various kinds of content types that include using a variety of gadgets. You can take videos, write, and photograph on the go, so your devices have to have enough battery. In such a situation, a power strip can come in handy as you can quickly charge multiple devices even when you only have a single socket.

Apart from this, they are an essential item for any college dorm. Students need to use a number of gadgets for studying and for extracurricular activities. Dorm rooms don’t generally have more than two power sockets, and those are not enough if you have roommates.

However, as convenient as they are, you can only use them for certain appliances. Let’s look at devices and setups that are dangerous:


Refrigerators require more electricity and use varying cycles, so they have a special plug that is also larger and made for handling such a flow of electric current.

Other kitchen appliances that you should not plug into a power strip are a toaster, coffee machine, microwave or oven. The current that they require is much higher than such a strip can provide efficiently. These strips can heat up and cause accidents.

Computer Setup:

We tend to add our computer, external monitor, and printer to a power strip. But is it the safest thing to keep adding these devices to a single strip? In the long run, it might depend on how much power your computer requires. But since each item requires a stable and constant flow of electricity, you should plug each different device into a separate wall socket.

Party Arrangement:

A house party in your backyard requires extra lights, and perhaps some sound system. It would be easiest to plug all of these devices into a single power strip but that can very easily overload it. It is highly likely that the extension is far from the wall socket. Which puts a strain on its cord. On top of that, if you have more than one high voltage light, and woofers, your strip is extremely likely to overload and you should not use this.

Apart from the devices that you must not plug into one, there are plenty of don’ts when it comes to using power strips:

Don’t place it near water
Don’t pull it from the cord
Don’t place it where someone could trip over it
Don’t stretch the main cord too much
Plenty of these strips come with special USB A ports in them so that you don’t need a power brick to plug your phone or power bank in. Apart from that, strips equipped with surge protection are the ideal ones to invest in.

Just like all electronic items, you should use power strips with caution and certain careful measures.

At SF Cable we keep power strips in various cord lengths as well as varying in number of sockets. We also offer different materials of the casing. There are also options for surge protection.


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