Selecting the Right Bulk Network Cables: How to Go About It?

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Selecting the Right Bulk Network Cables: How to Go About It?

Selecting the Right Bulk Network Cables: How to Go About It?

You will rarely come across a place that doesn’t involve the use of ethernet cables. It serves the perfect purpose when it comes to connecting wired networks. If you make use of a short cable, you can connect a computer and router/modem. On the other hand, you can use Bulk Ethernet Cables to set up a network and connect different devices and computers to the server. You will often come across such connections at workplaces and other corporate buildings.

Selecting the Ethernet Cable for Your Needs

In order to select the right category of Ethernet cable, you need to first decide the connection speed on which your networks work. For e.g., CAT5 or 5E would work for connections that are up to 100 Mbps. But when you want to establish faster connections, CAT6 Ethernet Cables would work the best.

Bulk Network Cables

Thereafter, you need to go about deciding the length of the cable. Ask yourself as to what your purpose is. Do you need it for personal purpose or a professional one? You need to know this because the overall speed of your networks is dependent on the type of Ethernet Cable you choose. If the cable is long, signals do tend to degrade and if it is short it would be able to send a faster signal as compared to a long one. If the distance is 100 meters or more, CAT6 or 6A is always the right choice. And for 100 meters or less, CAT5 would solve your purpose.
Things to Consider while Selecting the Cable

There are two major factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing the cables. You need to figure out whether you want solid/stranded cables or STP/UTP cables. Now, let’s find out about their utility in detail.

Solid or Stranded Cables

The making of stranded and solid cables is dependent on the copper conductor in pairs. The solid cable makes use of one solid wire for every conductor. Whereas in standard CAT5E or Standard CAT 6 eight conductors roll, there are 8 solid wires in all.

STP or UTP Cables

The Shielded Twisted Pair Cables come with an additional shielding material which helps in keeping out the external interferences that create inconvenience during the transmission of data. UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cables, on the other hand, do not provide protection against the EMI and their performance deteriorates in their presence.

Why Buy Ethernet Cables?

Well, as you all know, ethernet cables are an essential part of every business and home networks. And the best part is, now you can check out their features and buy them online. All you need to do is search for “ethernet cables near me” and you will come across several companies that will provide you with the shipping of the same in a matter of 24 hours.

Several make use of CAT5E cables when it comes to establishing an internet connection that is interruption free and fast. Take a look at other ways in which you can make use of bulk cables for establishing quality connections.

1. Computer Connections

It is possible to use a cable of any length for transferring the data from one computer to another.

You might also have to wire the pinouts for setting up a crossover cable connection so that you can transfer the data easily.

2. Telephone lines

The landlines are still not completely out of trend. Make use of CAT5E cables and wire your telephones using Ethernet.

3. Video Connections

Video signals like composite video and S video work at their best with the help of CAT5E cables a and can work at long distances without compromising the quality. It is also possible to send VGA and HDMI signals through CAT5E. However, you might have to buy an extra extender.

4. USB Transmissions

You might need an extension to connect CAT5E with USB terminal. This hack helps a lot when you want to run USB cables at long distances and make them work with devices like printers and scanners.

We hope the above guide provided you with all the information you need about Bulk Network Cables. Stay tuned for more information on cables…

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