4 Best App Builders to Enter in Mcommerce

//4 Best App Builders to Enter in Mcommerce

4 Best App Builders to Enter in Mcommerce

4 Best App Builders to Enter in Mcommerce

The templates are great. Someone creates a framework of all the things something needs and anyone, even beginners can build on it. It is a generous thing. So much so that Google gives various templates of Sheets, Docs, and Slides, and let’s just say that the Sheets templates save lives. 

But it’s not limited to that. We can get this service in all kinds of software products from website builders to app builders and estore builders. This equalizes these processes and access. Website building or app building is expensive, but it is also crucial to your online presence if you are trying to sell anything. 

But now that we have app builders, there is no dearth of choice in that market. Pick your platform of choice and then you can build your entire iOS and Android app in a matter of days. 

Let’s go through a few leading mobile app builders: 


  • AppYourself

Started in 2011, this company allows you to create apps in technologies like iOS, Android, Windows phone, and even pure HTML5. And this app builder offering is just a start, their software actually allows you to build a responsive website that is synced with the app content. Currently, their feature is in an open beta phase.

They have priced their software in three tiers based on the number of active users and push notification campaigns. Their Starter pack is for €20 which is perfect if you want PWA and have a maximum of 200 users. The next tier is called Business pack which will cost you €40 with the limitation of 2000 users.  Their Enterprise (€80) comes with unlimited users for both iOS and Android apps. They also offer a free version that can give you a proper understanding of their software.


  • Ecommerce
  • Table booking options via Open Table and Resmio
  • Loyalty cards
  • Photo galleries
  • News Feed streams


  • AppJetty’s Magento 2 App Builder

AppJetty has a wide range of ecommerce extensions and themes for Magento, Shopify, Odoo, and more. One of their hottest products is the Magento 2 Native App Builder. It is an affordable and quick solution for iOS and Android. The Mobile App for Magento Builder boasts of an easy to use interface, dynamic layout options, one-page checkout, and more. 

Standout features:

  • Drag and Drop builder: Like building a puzzle, but simpler! 
  • Fully scalable: Change it as often as you like, yours to take advantage of.
  • Fast build: A week and it’s all yours. 
  • Multi Language Support: Yes, your app will be ready for the whole world, out of the box! 

Apart from these, there are of course features like push notifications, real-time sync, payment integrations, user profile management, order management etc. 

Price: Android: $200, iOS: $200, Both: $399


  • Swiftic

Swiftic, founded in 2010, powers more than 1 million apps worldwide. They have a wide range of building blocks such as integrations for appointment scheduling, loyalty card, customer reviews, events, and more. They mostly serve the restaurant industry and event industry.

Its pricing structure: They have only one tier with few iterations like:

  • Monthly ($57)
  • Yearly ($48)
  • Bi-yearly ($41)

Standout feature: Seven different templates along with six navigational styles. You will have a free hand for colors, background images, and icons.


  • MobAppCreator

This company has its focus on native apps. They are a bit mysterious as we didn’t see any ‘About Us’ or Company Profile on their website.

With MobAppCreator, you get a very user-friendly editor with different modules that you can use to build your app without having any technical knowledge. You can just pull out your phone which has a clickable representation of your business app which keeps on getting refreshed as you make new changes. 


  • Fourteen days of free trial, with full functionality.
  • Their cheapest version starts at $32.50 per month

This is quite similar to the other app builders out in the market as mentioned in the list. The only difference here is that they don’t offer too many templates for the price they are asking.

There are many other options available in the market to help you enter Mcommerce. Just make sure you look at the options, price range, and the features they are offering and match it against your requirements.

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