Mini DisplayPort Cable – Best for Work Meetings and Movie Nights

//Mini DisplayPort Cable – Best for Work Meetings and Movie Nights

Mini DisplayPort Cable – Best for Work Meetings and Movie Nights

Mini DisplayPort Cable – Best for Work Meetings and Movie Nights

As the form factor of a computer evolves, it changes the way a user interacts with it. From large hardware components that housed minimal and basic things, we now have hardware that houses components for rocket science between a couple of sheets of glass and metal.

With this evolution in the form factor, the space for I/O ports has also changed, effectively changing the connection standards. What earlier used to be separate ports for video and audio, now only needs one.

However, minimizing form factors is not without compromise. Portability means being able to handle your work and get entertainment irrespective of where you are. You can create presentations on a train and watch movies while camping.

However, there are some places where you will need a large screen. When you have to move around and get things done, a small computer is more than enough, but when you are at the office and have to present a report or pitch an idea, a large screen can get your message across much better. After all, a laptop or tablet is good for one person’s view, but when more people need to see what’s on the screen, a large display is more effective.

No matter what size your laptop or tablet is, it should have one port that comes in handy when you want to plug into a large display.

Smaller sizes of gadgets have given way to smaller I/O ports and therefore connectors. One of these is a Mini DisplayPort cable, which is essentially a smaller sized connector of a DP cable.

DisplayPort standard is quite popular. It came in before HDMI and was one of the first experiences of having a video and audio cable in one. You can find the mini DisplayPort on current laptops and tablets instead of an HDMI port because of its smaller size. If they are office-focused laptops, they definitely need something to present work-related things on a bigger screen for meetings and such.

Let’s walk through some use cases of a DP cable:

Work meetings:

For freelancers or even in-house employees, your computers help you get your work done. But work generally is not something that only you do and the process ends. More often than not, it is a collaborative process that has presentations, feedback and more.

For this, your laptop will need to be efficient but that will not be enough. To add convenience, you will need to have I/O ports that are compatible and ubiquitous. Not everyone has the latest gadgets in their offices all the time, but that should not hinder work. A Mini DisplayPort cable is one of the handiest tools to have in your arsenal in such situations.

You can simply plug one in a conference room display monitor, and run your meeting smoothly. While a visual presentation is not the tool that carries your meeting, but if it were to not work because of a technical issue of not having the right cable, it can certainly affect the mindset of everyone attending the meeting.

Movie night:

All of us watch movies on our tiny computers with our headphones plugged in, in the middle of the night, even though we have huge TV screens right in the living room! But when we want to have a family movie night or a sleepover with friends, then it becomes difficult to share that average laptop screen with so many people. Again, this is where a DP cable or a mini DisplayPort cable can save the day.

Just plug your laptop into your TV, gather around with some popcorn, and let the large screen give you some movie magic.

Not having such a simple plug and play solution would make a relaxing experience a hassle and something that you end up avoiding rather an anticipating.

Wrap up:

Wireless setups are great, but they are not always as simple and frictionless as using cables. Cables are also easier for everyone to use, irrespective of their technical knowhow.

These two ports are on gadgets that are both old and new. And these cables are also easily available from any online or offline electronics store.


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