Gear Up Your Computer System WIth These Must Have Accessories

//Gear Up Your Computer System WIth These Must Have Accessories

Gear Up Your Computer System WIth These Must Have Accessories

Gear Up Your Computer System WIth These Must Have Accessories

Welcome to the world of customizations! It’s a world where everything from cars, to mobile phones and apparels is customizable. So why not add more functionalities to your computer system by attaching some accessories? These accessories are like an icing on the cake and glorify your computer system. Here is the set of inevitable computer accessories that adorn your computers.

Laptop Cooling Pad

It would be extremely convenient for you to work on your bed. Nevertheless, would you be able to work flawlessly if you could not breathe? Yes, that is exactly what happens with your laptop when it has no vent for cooler air to keep it aloof from overheating. Sometimes, it happens simply due to stubborn dust particles clogging around the cooling fan.

Keyboard Cover

This cover protects your system from dust, dirt, liquid and if you are in a habit of having lunch / dinner around your laptop. Keyboard covers are thin and flexible, and they protect your keys from malfunctioning. Keyboard cover is an accessory, which is the first step towards preventive maintenance or your laptop.

Bluetooth Mouse

If you wish to save your time while you work on your laptop, Bluetooth mouse is a necessary accessory for you. It saves lot of time and even surfing on the internet is easier with a mouse. If you are a designer, then for smoother creations, you can not afford not possessing.

Universal Power Adapters

These are aftermarket purchases and are somewhat costlier than the replacement AC power adapter or the DC Power adapter. The Universal Power Adapters can exploit all types of available charging conditions. This is the sole purpose of its creation.


They are not as common as the USB but serve a similar function. When connecting a printer or scanner with your system, they are extremely advantageous. Two versions of FireWire are available in the market, one is 1394a with a transfer rate of 400 mbps and the 1394b having a transfer rate of 800 mbps.

Fiber Optics Cable

These computer cables are the most reliable and fastest data transfer cables on the planet. Optical Fiber’s usage is for connecting and transferring data across continents. They are fast which can carry large capacity; the signals have higher strength and require maintenance.

Ethernet Cables and Keystone Jacks

For connecting your routers and modems with your computer for setting up your local area network (LAN), you need an Ethernet cable. Keystone jacks are the ports, which provide a plug-in to the Ethernet cables. Keystone Jacks are the most important units in networking.

Their strategic design allows them to turn into keystone plates, keystone boxes, and patch panels. Cat5E and Cat6 are the cables, which plug into the same keystone Jack of your ethernet jack, routers and switches, but have a distinct use, design, and application.

Wireless Printers

Printers and scanners are the accessories that enable you to print and scan documents. Wireless connectivity allows you to place your printer wherever you wish and gives you much more flexibility. It lets you print from mobile devices too!

Integrated Drive Electronics Cable

IDE or integrated drive electronics connects the storage devices with the motherboard. It has more than two plugs and it seems like a ribbon.

SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)

SATA evolved from the IDE legacy also serves the same purpose. SATA cable has a much higher rate of data transfer than IDE but the motherboard needs to be compatible with SATA.

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