Electrical Safety Guide For Restaurateurs

//Electrical Safety Guide For Restaurateurs

Electrical Safety Guide For Restaurateurs

Electrical Safety Guide For Restaurateurs

As a restaurant owner, you need to take care of thousands of things including your staff, customers, food quality, hygiene, the interiors, and many more. One of the major things you need to care about is the proper flow of electricity and earthing of cables.

Electrical power is part of the modern lifestyle. But, if we don’t handle them with care then there are chances of electrical hazards. It often leads to burns, shocks, and electrocution. It is necessary to be aware of any potential electrical risks.

Food service industries are the biggest users of electrical equipment and appliances. Long term and frequent use can cause wear and tear in appliances making them dangerous. This gets compounded by the fact that the staff is under immense pressure to get materials and prepare them all the time. It is one of the major reasons why restaurant owners give the least importance to safety and maintenance.

But as an owner, you need to understand the importance of keeping your restaurant secure and away from electrical hazards.

Below are some of the things you need to take care of as a restaurant owner:

  1. Keep electrical appliances away from water:We all know how dangerous it can be if water and electricity get mixed. Remember to turn off the appliances if they are near wet areas. If by mistake water spills near the electric box, then make sure to clean it immediately.

    Additionally, remember not to touch electric appliances with wet hands as you can get shocked and consequences can be bizarre.

  2. Proper installation of electric appliances:If you are renovating your restaurant or even starting a new one, then make sure that professionals properly carry out installments of electric appliances. You should never try to do the installation or play with wires on your own. Ensure that the equipment inspection, testing, and tagging are proper. These are a few of the things you need to do to avoid any electrical hazards.
  3. Be alert and aware:While working with cables like c7 power cord or c13 to c14 power cord, you need to be alert and aware. Ensure that there are no exposed wires, frayed wires, or signs of smoke coming out of any wires/appliances. If any of these things are happening then make sure that you immediately call your electrician. Additionally, also make sure to remove faulty electrical equipment from the kitchen if any, and make sure not to reuse them unless you’ve had them checked out by professional.
  4. Avoid overloading of power points:Don’t plug thousands of cables into one outlet or extension cord. It can damage the electrical system or cause a fire. Keep electrical items switched off if you are not using them on a regular basis. Provide proper power points and make sure that power boards are not overloaded and increase protection. Being the owner of a restaurant company, avoid using double adapters and extension leads as well.
  5. Hire electricians:Hire an electrician to install and repair decommission electrical equipment. You should never do an installation or repair cables or power cords like c13 to c14 power cord, c7 power cord, or any other on your own. There are specially trained electricians who help you with proper wiring, installation, earthing, soldering, and many more.
  6. Install safety switches:Install safety switches in your restaurant as it helps you in balancing the load of the electricity. Not only has this but also because of proper load balancing, it reduces the risk of electric shock as well. This in the end helps you in having proper safety of your restaurant and also visitors.
  7. Provide staff training:Make sure that your staff is wearing proper rubber-soled footwear. Train them to turn off the main power if any emergency like situation occurs. They should not touch any person who is shocked while the main power is on.
  8. Extension cords:Keep power cords away from other equipment while using them. If you use extension cords, store them away from water, hot surfaces, chemicals, and walkways. Avoid using extension cords which are permanent as in future you might face issues removing them. You also need to understand when your extension cord overloads so you can stop working at that time.

Final Words:

Following these steps are necessary to overcome electrical hazards. You need to understand that playing with electricity can turn into the worst of scenarios. Take the necessary precautions while people are around it. As a restaurant owner, you are not only responsible for your employees’ safety but also for the customers.

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