5 Types of Extension Power Cord

//5 Types of Extension Power Cord

5 Types of Extension Power Cord

5 Types of Extension Power Cord

While looking for electronic gadgets to connect with accessible electric plugs, we often take power cables for granted. Usually, they are used to connect with the single voltage AC with a local plugin. However, they can render both AC and DC. Moreover, they come in both structures: detachable and non-detachable.

The reason behind these tech specifications is that there are factors to be considered, but we never pay attention to it. We need an outdoor extension cord; we pick the one and use it. Well, that should not be the case. There are five types of extension power cord to choose from. They differ based on their capabilities, usage, quality, popularity, etc. So next time, if you’re looking for an extension cord, choose the right one based on the list.

1. Red Extension Cords

Outdoor extension cord are necessary for our outdoor decorating ideas. Their resistant power usually makes them a good fit for back lawns, gardens, and homes. While choosing a product for outdoor power supply connectivity, go for 50ft or 100ft variants based on your situation.

These extensions usually have a vinyl cover, durable insulation to protect from moisture and temperature change. They are oil resistant too. Besides, they have a 3-prong grounded plug that further reduces the risk of electric shock and fire. These power cords have the right length and broad gauge, and thus you can use them for big projects.

Therefore, if you require an extension cord for greater length, high voltage, and amperage requirements, go for this one. While purchasing it online, make sure to read the reviews.

2. Yellow Nema Power Cords

NEMA Power cords are power cables used for AC mains electricity. They are popular in North America due to their quality and usability. As a heavy-duty cable, you can use it for gardening, toolshed, or powering up devices like computers, surge protectors, and receivers. These 125 Volts cables have strong prongs. Another benefit of Nema Power Cords is they are water-resistant, mostly. Some of the products also have a lifetime replacement warranty.

NEMA Power cords have an LED socket indicator that lights up when there is power in the line. All these factors make it a perfect replacement for your overused power plugs.

3. Basic Black Cords

These cords are the ones that we use for all types of electronic work. They are cost-effective, reliable, and handy when it comes to different lengths. Be it a birthday lightning decoration or an office desk; these extension cords are the best as it declutters the cord mess. They are highly durable and suitable for outdoor use, considering the technical point of view.

These cords brighten the space with less behind the scenes mess in a small indoor project or outdoor use.

4. Small Extension Cord Pack

Need short cords in a pinch?

This pack can be the perfect one.

For AC adapters and other indoor/outdoor purposes that require a loop of smaller ones, these tiny power pack cords come with various outlets. Also, together they work as a whole with multi-tasking capabilities. If you are a stickler for neatness or cleanliness, these extensions would be the perfect choice for you.

Home, office, garage, or any other place that requires a little bit of cord can benefit from these small extension packs.

5. Long Power Cords

Power cords mostly come with a definite length, but the lit plug makes a particular product different. Long Power cords mean it should cover a long distance, but there should be an indicator to know when the power is flowing through it. So while choosing a long power cord for rough or heavy use, choose the one with a double insulated conductor surrounded by an outside jacket. The insulation would ensure that the cable does not break even in extreme conditions.

What to Choose?

You can choose any one of these extension power cords but consider safety first. Faulty installations, improper use can cause disastrous accidents. Thus, before installing or purchasing a product, check all the technical requirements, ratings, and reviews.

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