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2611, 2019

USB C: The Other Side of the Dongle Mess

By 2conference|Categories: General|Tags: usb c cable, usb cable types, usb cables, usb charger cable, usb cord, usb data cable, usb port cable, usb power cable, usb transfer cable, usb type c cables, usb type c video cables|

Over the last five years, if there has been one topic in discussion in every way possible by phone and laptop manufactures, media, and tech enthusiasts, it is USB C. How it works, whether it is better than older versions, how fast companies will adapt to it, the possibilities of its uses and many more questions and topics are the focus of these discussions.

So why is it in the discussion? And why should device manufacturers switch over?

The simple answer is that USB C is fast. As fast as a thunderbolt. Excuse the pun.

USB C came into being in 2014, followed by newer, faster iterations of it over the last 5 years. When Apple made the MacBook with just a single USB C port, it was outrageous! It pushed people to think about the I/O panels on devices. If one port can do it all, can form factors be smaller? Can they have one port for everything including charging?

How this can change the average user’s life is the question to ask. Let’s use this […]

2511, 2019

Legacy Computer Cables for Budget Setups

By 2conference|Categories: General|Tags: computer cable, computer cords, db9 cable, db9 serial cable, serial cables|

Buying a computer, no matter what kind is an exhaustive process. You need the perfect monitor, the clickiest keyboard, a sensitive but not too sensitive mouse/trackpad. For something that you are paying a premium for, and something that can last you about five years, you want to make the right decision.

However, sometimes you don’t have to focus on each part of the assembly. This is when you can make compromises in certain aspects.

There is room for a lot of experiment and mix match of devices when you have a traditional computer over a laptop or an all-in-one desktop. You can choose from a wide variety of cheaper alternatives for monitors, keyboards, and mice without compromising on the CPU. This makes it cost-effective.

There are a few places where such a compromise can work. When you need a large inventory but the use is only of a limited nature, it can work. Apart from that, even if you need just one or two computers for things like occasionally printing something or accounting management, this would be perfect for you.

2111, 2019

Guide to Choosing the Right Audio Cable Splitter

By 2conference|Categories: General|

40 years ago, Sony’s Walkman TPS – L2 put two headphone jacks on a single device to enable music sharing. Seeing this, the idea of sharing music from a portable, personal device became popular. Once music became portable, it gave birth to many industries, one of which is the audio cable splitter. It is one of those gadgets that add convenience to an already convenient experience.

Guide to Choosing the Right Audio Cable Splitter

The idea behind it is simple. It’s an accessory to headphones and music players that routes sound to two headphones simultaneously. This tiny little device has the ability to maintain the audio quality for two listeners at the same time. It is the go-to device when you want to plug in more than one headphones, mics or speakers to a single device.

There are multiple formats available for audio cable splitters. You can have 3.5mm ports and cables and you can have 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable if your headphones have a 2.5mm […]

1911, 2019

Outdoor Lighting Tips to Brighten Up Your Holiday

By 2conference|Categories: Uncategorized|

Christmas trees, Decorations for the mailbox, Lawn figures, and Holiday flags.

Everyone is set to give their homes and lawns a holiday touch. But to add charm to all these decors for the cold holiday nights, you need good lights.


Because they make everything brighter and bring it all together.

While you are dealing with those light webs, here are some tips to help you put everything together.

  • Choose The Right Lights

When it comes to holiday lights, LED and incandescent lights can help create an amazing holiday display. While making a purchase for such lights make sure to keep their lifespan, energy in mind. LED lights have on average 50,000 hours of lights. Whereas incandescent can only last 1,200 hours. Also, LED lights use less power.

  • Choosing The Right Place

The best approach is lighting the front exterior of your home. Because there you may get to highlight some details like gables, arches, chimneys that can make your decor stand out. Here you’ll have to achieve the balance. First, you’ll need to focus on how your house looks […]

1811, 2019

Coworking Spaces: More Than Just The Corner Coffee Shop

By 2conference|Categories: General|Tags: best bulk cat6 cable, bulk cat6 cable, bulk cat6 shielded cable, cat6a bulk ethernet cable, ethernet cable, Ethernet Cables, Ethernet Cord, ethernet network cables, lan cable, Network Cable, shielded cat6 bulk, shielded cat6a bulk cable|

Millennials are taking a different route when it comes to making a living. They are either starting companies of their own, working by themselves, or freelancing for a bunch of companies. This has opened up a new business platform opportunity for coworking spaces and start-up incubators.

There are coworking spaces that operate internationally and university supported start-up incubators. But not everyone with a brilliant idea can get access to either of these platforms.

This is where your business opportunity comes in. You can easily start a coworking space in your community. Let’s go through all that it needs to have:
  • Infrastructure:

A coworking space will need to be structurally sound needless of its size. Whether you are operating from a building or a house, the place should have proper electricity, and water supply. It should be clean, have a kitchen and adequate sanitary facilities. You can have different types of spaces like individual desks, conference rooms, phone booths, group desks, etc. People can choose their space as per their needs.

  • Equipment:

While you don’t have to provide a computer to each person, you do have to outfit the space with power strips, lamps, perhaps […]

1311, 2019

XLR vs RCA: Difference is in the Use

By 2conference|Categories: General|

When it comes to wiring for anything, the specifics depend on the devices involved and the overall requirement. Audio cabling, in particular, has two basic analog cables, XLR cable, and RCA cable. These are largely for very different scenarios.

The connector on the XLR cable has three pins, whereas the one on the RCA cable only has one. XLR passes balanced audio whereas RCA passes unbalanced audio. This is also where the use case bifurcates. XLR connector also has a latch on it to lock the connection in place. RCA has no such clasp.

Let’s take a look:

Home Theatre Setup

For a home theatre setup, you need a decent or high-end TV for display, preferably one that has an OLED or QLED panel. But the display is not the only important part of the setup. These TVs generally don’t have the best audio output for optimal movie watching. For surround sound, you can connect up to eight audio channels via RCA cables. This can make your movie-watching experience more enjoyable, with the sound of every soft footfall in […]