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1305, 2019

How to Keep Your Outdoor Extension Cords Dry?

By SFCable|Categories: General|

The spring is almost here and it’s again that time of the year when we all shall be sitting in our backyards, with a nice cup of coffee, group of friends and dim (yellow) lights till late night!

Today people are going crazy over the trend of yellow/white series lights, bulbs, etc. Because they make all the difference to your conventional decorating ideas. But we would have to cope with the weather fluctuations as well. Last two days in our city the weather was rainy. We knew that the weather will be better later on this week, and that’s why we kept my chairs under plastic bags to save them from getting wet.
But with the lights, it was a different scenario. We had connected many extension cords together to make the whole set of series work simultaneously.

To protect them from rain and keep them dry, we applied one small DIY trick and it worked well!

That’s why here we are sharing that with you to help you keep your extension cords dry and protect them from the uncertainty of the weather. There are some other small tips […]

905, 2019

HDMI ARC: What is it and Why You Should Care?

By SFCable|Categories: Business|

If you buy a new TV or soundbar, you might have come across the new label about “ARC” while setting up the HDMI adapters. That indicates one of the best features which saves your money, reduces cable web and makes your set up more simplified.

What Is ARC?

Ever since the HDMI 1.4 was introduced in the market, ARC is available on TVs, soundbars, and other gadgets. It is a protocol which offers two-way communication between devices over a single HDMI connection. This port lets you use HDMI as both an input and an audio output.

It came in 2009 and became a common standard. Majorly you would find it with all types of TVs, soundbars, and receivers. All the devices which support HDMI 1.4 would support ARC.

Things You Can Do With ARC:

It provides a two-way flow of sound means that you can use it for things which require extra cables.

  1. First and foremost, you will be able to connect your audio system with a single HDMI cable. […]
305, 2019

Cat6A Shielded vs NonShielded: How to Make the Right Choice?

By SFCable|Categories: Business|

Cat6a cables: an inexpensive solution for 10G cabling. Its design is according to the upgraded design of Cat6 cable. They are capable of supporting data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz.

With the ever-emerging applications and industrial demands, it is a recommended standard for most of the production units. Moreover, they are backward compatible with Cat6 and Cat5e.
However, the debate about choosing Cat6a shielded vs unshielded is a dilemma for many users. It is important to understand the difference between them along with the pros and cons. Let’s discuss that in detail.
The main thing to consider while installing Cat6a cables is that they are future-proof network products. If you are planning to get a new cabling system, consider Cat6a as the first option. Even if planned for ten years or more, Cat6a definitely appears to be the best solution.

Considering the Cat6a components in a 10Gbps, class EA network, here’s why they are considered the best solution:

  • CAT6A is the best option for […]
205, 2019

Why are RCA Cables Necessary in The Wireless Age?

By SFCable|Categories: Business|

Wireless headphones, wireless chargers, wireless speakers and a whole bunch of other wireless things are here to stay now. ‘Cutting the cord’ is the trend.

However, certain products are simply not there yet.

If we talk about televisions, even modern day ones that literally roll out of sight, they have to use cables for power, for additional I/O needs, etc.

The new age televisions that roll out of sight, or stick to walls like posters, still have to have some way of connecting other devices to them. So, we are nowhere near getting rid of cables altogether yet. The cables themselves have evolved over the years. There are of course cables that are simply audio, like the much controversial 3.5 mm headphone cable. Then there are also solutions for managing both the audio and video, together.

So, if we have come this far, why do televisions still have the dated red, yellow and white ports? What is the use of them?

Well, those are RCA ports, to which RCA cables connect for audio and video. The yellow connector at the end of the cable is for composite video, the red one, for the right […]

2904, 2019

Power over Ethernet: Things You Should Know About it

By SFCable|Categories: Business|

The Internet is an ever-growing phenomenon experiencing diversity as well as stable advancements. In the present scenario, you can connect with your loved ones through a quick video call around the world and even when on the flight!
One other such phenomenon is Power of Ethernet (PoE). The main advantage of PoE is speedy delivery of data. It eliminates the need for AC/DC power suppliers and outlets. Plus, it costs almost nothing because remote installation has lower costs than fiber as there is no electrician required.
Because of its cost-effectiveness and speed advantages, most of the buildings prefer them for installation to achieve a stable network system.
People around the world invest billions of dollars into this kind of development every year. PoE’s main aim is to squeeze out possible high speed and power from existing cabling and eventually grow into an established IT marketplace. Any size of organization can attain the benefits of Power over Ethernet into their networks with the right application of PoE.
And in the next segment, we have talked about the right application […]

2604, 2019

6 Important Things to Keep In Mind While Buying a Travel Adapter

By SFCable|Categories: Business|

Did you know that there are around twelve different types of power sockets available around the world?

To our surprise as well, there are! Twelve different types of power sockets needing different types of adapters and what not.

And we have to admit that it’s an unavoidable problem. To get rid of it, an entire community of travel adapter manufacturers sprung up to let frustrated vacationers charge their iPhones and laptops without any problems.

But keep in mind that not all power plug adapters are equal. Therefore, there are a few things you must know before buying one for your overseas trip.

6 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Travel Adapter:

It doesn’t Convert Voltages

One of the important things to make sure when you buy a travel adapter is that it doesn’t convert the voltage. Just the layout of the pins on your charger or appliance coming out from the power socket.

In most countries, the usual voltage supply is 220-240 volts. Twice the voltage that you use at home. The power plug adapters you buy should be able to handle this load. Otherwise, it would end up as […]